A Broken Cell Phone Means a Disrupted Life

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

cell-phone-smartphoneText messaging, mobile internet and electronic mail on the go — it is difficult, and even impossible for some people, to imagine life without these technological advances. For some individuals, being without their mobile phones and smartphones makes them feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Mobile technology has not just influenced society, it’s defined it. And a broken cell phone can mean an interrupted life.


Attitude towards Mobile Use

An outstanding 84% of users worldwide said that they could not go a single day without having their mobile devices on hand.  So when the mobile device breaks, it needs to be fixed ASAP, or life gets seriously disrupted.  At iFixYouri, we know how important the devices can be in your life, and getting your smartphone repaired quickly and properly is the #1 goal.

Mobile Phone Use and Relationships

Texting has become the avenue for flirting and for asking a person out on a date. Surprisingly, the convenience and ease of texting has pushed some 24% of texters to coordinate or even commit adultery.

Mothers and fathers feel that their wireless devices have enabled them to become better parents. They also believe that, although gadgets may be a source of distraction for their kids, there are more benefits for their children in learning about technology.

Government and Politics

Mobile technology enables a person to check out the latest news at any time, at any place. As a result, citizens all over the world, particularly in United States and China, have become better informed about current events and news.

Business, Commerce and Economy

People agree that wireless mobile technology has strengthened the economy and accountability of the government and of government officials. With this technology, individuals are able to work even when they are away from the office.

Indubitably, the mobile phone has replaced money to be the object one must never leave home without.