5 Most Common Reasons for iPhone 5 Repair

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(Last Updated On: March 20, 2019)

Inevitably, soon after the release of the popular iPhone 5 smartphone, new owners began searching for information regarding iPhone 5 repair.  At iFixYouri, our experience with the previous iPhone models means that we are fully prepared to fix any issue that your iPhone 5 will need.

Top Reasons For Needing iPhone 5 Repair

1. Water Damage.

Dropping a phone in a toilet, sink, or bathtub is an accident that owners hope they will never experience themselves. A moment of carelessness does result in a damaged smartphone that needs professional repair or replacement. Water that seeps into the inner circuitry can render an iPhone useless leaving the owner without a phone until a replacement is obtained.

2. Impact Damage.

Dropping, stepping on, or even running over a phone with a vehicle are the most common causes of broken screens and cracked outer cases. Modern smartphone screens are fabricated from glass designed to withstand a certain level of abuse, but only to a certain extent. A strong impact will still break the touch screen in many instances.

3. Battery Malfunction.

Phone batteries that do not charge properly are additional reasons for repair. Some batteries may hold a charge but die out quickly, which also indicates functionality problems. The root cause is often a manufacturing defect in the battery, and a replacement one will solve this issue.

4. Nonworking Buttons.

The home button occasionally gets stuck from frequent use, and this can make regular phone use an annoyance. Other related problems include a broken side switch for turning off the ringtone or non-working volume control.

5. Connectivity Problems.

Inability to pick up any wireless Internet is an additional cause for repair. This problem often stems from firmware errors or similar issues with the operating system. Related phone problems include apps that do not download or install correctly.