3 Ways to Use the iPad You May Not Have Thought Of

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

Since Apple’s introduction of the iPad, the world as a whole has become a closer knit community. This wondrous device has seemingly opened up the  imaginations of its users so much that now the consumer seems to be inspiring the inventor.

The iPad has quickly become one of those frequently seen tools that seamlessly camouflages itself within any and all environments. Whether it be a restaurant menu or remote control, Apple has certainly struck a home run in regards to this device. And, as more and more Apps are developed, the possibilities will grow as well.

It is in celebration of this innovative push forward that I present some of the cooler ways the iPad has been used:


Paying A Little Homage

Sometimes it’s simply best to tip your hat to technology past. This clever melding of instruments serves as a great illustrator of just how far technology has come.


Magic In the Machine

It was inevitable that such a tool would eventually find itself in the realm of slight of hand. If you thought card tricks were mind blowing, you may want to brace yourself.


Hologram Animation

What more can possibly be said? This is the ideal example of taking an idea such as the iPad and surpassing expectations.


The greatest feature of the iPad is the fact that it has no set designation as far as usability, making its possibilities endless. However, like all things and as great as the product may be, it does not mean its not susceptible to damage. Luckily there are professional iPad repair specialists like iFixYouri who are available to restore one’s touch screen companion in case anything happened to go wrong.


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